PianoDisc recently released the award winning Sync-A-Vision™ system, a unique and exciting add-on option for any PianoDisc-equipped acoustic piano. Sync-A-Vision features a 19″ high definition, wide-screen monitor that’s built into the center of the music desk, and runs via a Mac Mini computer. Sync-A-Vision with PianoDisc opens a world of entertainment and educational possibilities:

  • Learn to play the piano the easy way with 72 piano lessons that are pre-loaded into Sync-A-Vision.

  • Play along “karaoke style"with scrolling lyrics & chord symbols.

  • Download sheet music and view it on Sync-A-Vision.  You can also add an AirTurnsystem and turn your pages hands-free.

  • Watch PianoVideos on Sync-A-Vision’s High Def screen.               

Sync-A-Vision and PianoDisc encourage your creativity in very special ways.  Think of downloading your own digital photographs and making a slide show or movie, then adding your choice of piano accompaniment from your PianoDisc music library.  Or enjoy some of the great silent films that are available, with PianoDisc’s ragtime music in the background. Sync-A-Vision comes with silent films and cartoon entertainment pre-loaded.


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